The School of Eastern Languages has been operating since 1999. Originally, it was intended to offer language courses only to students of the Eastern Studies; however, now anyone interested may attend the courses. The School of Eastern Languages is a part of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw. The School offers courses in “Eastern” languages, meaning languages spoken in former Soviet republics and countries which belonged to the communist bloc, as well as languages from the Middle and Far East, the Orient and Africa. The School is the only place in Poland to offer courses in a significant part of those languages!
A full course, starting from the beginner’s level, lasts for two years (240 class hours). Course graduates may take a Certified Examination at the A2, B1 or B2 level held in compliance with criteria set by the Council of Europe. The School operates according to the rules of University System of Language Provision.
Since 1999, the School has been directed by Inga Kotańska. The staff consists of university teachers and native speakers experienced in language teaching. In the Academic Year 2012/2013 courses in 32 languages will be available.
Additionally, the School of Eastern Languages since 2005 has held generally available Intense Summer Holiday Language Courses, each lasting 60 or 120 hours (5 hours of classes are held every day, from Monday to Saturday, each July).